SIA. Sistema d'Informació Acadèmica

DR1009 - Anglès Jurídic (Idioma Modern)

Curs 1 - Semestre 1



Unit 1. The Practice of Law: The Legal System and A Career in Law

Unit 2. Legal Research and Writing for "Treball Final de Grau" (TFG). How to write Research Articles (RAs) and Essays: Focus on 'Abstracts'

Unit 3. European Union Law and Institutions

Unit 4. International Law: Public International Law, Public Law, and Supranational Law

Unit 5. Contract Law: Elements of a Valid Contract, Contract Formation, and Employment

Unit 6. Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure: Examples of Crimes

Unit 7. Company Law: Formation and Management, Capitalisation, and Fundamental Changes

Unit 8. Commercial Law

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