Sistema d'avaluació

Elaboració de treballs acadèmics


Criteris de superació

Students will be required to submit a Term Paper/Research Proposal on a research related issue. In order to pass the course, students have to earn at least a 50% on their paper. Besides the Term Paper, students are also required to complete a Review Assignment to show understanding of the course content. 

A student will be regarded as Presentado when the final paper(s) are submitted in due time; otherwise, the student will be considered No Presentado. 

Important information:

  • All papers are to be submitted electronically via the Virtual Platform by the due date. Late assignments will not be accepted. Please hand in a printed copy of your paper as well. 
  • Papers have to be clearly identified and properly formatted. Please follow APA, and be consistent throughout your paper.     
  • Academic honesty and plagiarism: You cannot copy and paste from somebody else’s work. You have to acknowledge and properly cite other authors’ works. Failing to comply with this policy will automatically result in a failing grade.