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Criteris de superació

In order to assess the subject, the student has to elaborate and submit a Master Thesis, which has to be orally defended in front of a committee. The Master's Thesis cannot be defended until all courses have been successfully completed.

Prior to the defense, the student has to upload a copy of the manuscript on the Virtual Platform and deposit three printed copies of the thesis, toghether with the tutor's consent,  in "Secretaria de l'Administració dels Màsters de la FCHS" (Dean's Office).

Two deadlines to deposit the TFM will be set for each academic year (June and September). The exact dates will be posted on Aula Virtual in due time.

After the deposit, the Academic Committee will give a positive or negative judgment within 15 days in order to continue with the oral defense.

The three members of the committee will be selected among the professors who teach in the MA program. The TFM tutor cannot be a member of this committee.

In their TFM defense, the student will have 15 minutes to deliber the presentation. For the evaluation of the TFM, the committee will assess both the academic quality of the project (70%) and the oral presentation (30%).

The student must achieve a global grade of at least 50% to pass the subject. The student will be regarded as 'Presentado' if he/she turns in the report.

Academic honesty and plagiarism: You cannot copy and paste from somebody else’s work. You have to acknowledge and properly cite other authors’ works. Failing to comply with this policy will automatically result in a failing grade.