Sistema d'avaluació

Elaboració de treballs acadèmics


Criteris de superació

Students are required to submit a final written assignment (i.e., teaching or research project, state-of-the-art paper, etc.). In order to pass the subject, learners are required to get at least 50% of the grade in the paper(s). Students are expected to read bibliography related to the course and the topic of the written assignment, understand the concepts and show the ability to follow the academic conventions in terms of form and style.

Class attendance and attendance to complementary seminars is highly recommended.

If the students turn in the paper, they will be regarded as "Presentado"; otherwise, if no paper is turned in, they will be "No presentado".

Important information:

  • All papers are to be submitted electronically via the Virtual Platform by the due date. Late assignments will not be accepted. Please hand in a printed copy of your paper as well. 

  • Papers have to be clearly identified and properly formatted. Please follow APA, Harvard or another citation style, and be consistent throughout your paper.     

  • Academic honesty and plagiarism: You cannot copy and paste from somebody else’s work. You have to acknowledge and properly cite other authors’ works. Failing to comply with this policy will automatically result in a failing grade.