Part1 Introduction-Plant pathogens-plant diseases

  • Introduction

  • Plant Diseases: main groups of pathogens: fungi, oomicetes, bacteria and viruses

  • Beneficial microbes

  • Common plant diseases

Part 2 Plant defence responses

  • The plant immune system: effects of pathogens on plant physiological functions

  • How plants defend themselves against pathogens

      • Constitutive defenses

      • Induced defenses

  • Part 3 Laboratory-Biotech Tools

  • Laboratory Classes

    • 1) Antimicrobial tests / antibody diagnosis CTV virus test: immunoblotting

    • 2) PCR-based disease diagnosis (test plectosporium in Arabidopsis infected plants)-

    • 3) Study of plant-pathogen interactions. (BABA-IR against Botrytis in Arabidopsis genotypes)-Plant markers of microbial infections