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Elaboració de treballs acadèmics


Criteris de superació

Students will be required to submit two project works.

1) Students are expected to plan a teaching proposal that includes three CLIL lessons. Each lesson consists of a set of activities that are based on CLIL principles and the 4 Cs (70% of the final grade)

2) In-class students are expected to prepare a short oral presentation in small groups about their ideas and views on some statements suggested by the lecturer on CLIL. In the case of online students, they are expected to write a 1000-word report about their ideas and views on some CLIL statements (30% of the final grade)

Students must get at least 50% in the final projects in order to pass the module.

Presential students should be able to attend at least 80% of in-class sessions. Attendance to seminars is highly recommended.

All project works should be submitted on the Virtual Platform

Please follow the MELACOM style and form guidelines for presentation of papers & the policies for submitting term papers.

A student will be regarded as Presentado when a final paper is submitted in due time; otherwise, the student will be considered No Presentado
Please remember:

  • Do not make excessive use of quotations. Try to summarise the ideas you read in your own words as much as possible.
  • Do not copy! Make proper use of references. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. COPIED WORK = FAIL!