SIA. Sistema d'Informació Acadèmica

DR1009 - Anglès Jurídic (Idioma Modern)

Curs 1 - Semestre 1



Unit 1. Legal Research and Writing for "Treball Final de Grau" (TFG). How to write Research Articles (RAs) and Essays: Focus on 'Abstracts'

Unit 2. The Practice of Law: The Legal System and A Career in Law

Unit 3. European Union Law and Institutions

Unit 4. International Law: Public International Law, Public Law, and Supranational Law

Unit 5. Contract Law: Elements of a Valid Contract, Contract Formation, and Employment

Unit 6. Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure: Examples of Crimes

Unit 7. Company Law: Formation and Management, Capitalisation, and Fundamental Changes

Unit 8. Commercial Law

Unit 9. Real Property Law and Intellectual Property

Unit 10. Litigation and Arbitration

Unit 11. Tort Law

Unit 12. Comparative Law

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