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I. Basic steps when writing research projects

1. Getting started

2. Choosing a topic

3. Finding information and resources

4. Reviewing the literature

5. Doing an outline

6. Writing drafts

7. Avoiding plagiarism

8. Using other researchers’ ideas

9. Managing your time

10. Adding the final touches


II. Basic structures in research projects

1. Structuring your written work

2. Writing the abstract

3. Writing the introduction

4. Providing a theoretical framework

5. Doing the research methodology

6. Analysing and discussing results

7. Writing the conclusion

8. Writing the acknowledgements

9. Compiling a list of references

10. Including appendices


III. Basic guidelines in writing academic english

1. Using academic English

2. Focussing on complexity

3. Using formal language

4. Being objective and using impersonal language

5. Being critical and expressing opinion

6. Citing sources in the text

7. Hedging

8. Organising ideas in the text

9. Using punctuation marks appropriately

10. Revising everything