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1. Security definitions and dimensions. Human security versus military security

2. History: security from the cold war until the globalization era.

3. Security challenges in the globalization era, main threats: terrorism, weaponry proliferation, weapon of mass destruction, organized crime, failed and rogue states, social inequality, demographic growing, environmental degradation, climate change, massive migrations and ethnic, cultural, religious clashes.

4. Wars for natural resources: oil, gas and water.

5. Security after 11S: Is there a clash of civilization? War on terror: Afghanistan and Iraq.

6. The role of the international organization in the security of the world: United Nations, NATO, European Union and others.

7. The Islam, the Islamism. The rivalry between the main factions of Islam: Sunni and Shiite.

8. International terrorism: al Qaeda, Daesh, and other groups.

9. Conflicts in North Africa and Middle East (MENA) region: Arab-Israeli, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

10. Conflicts in sub-Saharan region: Sahel, Central Africa, Guinea Golf, Horn of Africa

11. The Ukraine war: the role of Russia, European Union and the United States of America

12. The role of China and other growing powers in the international scenario.

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